Scottsdale United Lacrosse Club is the fastest-growing lacrosse organization in the Arizona Youth Lacrosse League (AYLL). We fields teams at the U4, U6 and middle school/junior high levels.

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Lacrosse is the fastest-growing sport in the country, combining the endurance of soccer with the physicality and speed of hockey and the tactics of basketball into the "fastest sport on two feet."

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Teaching lacrosse is our #1 priority at every age group.  We employ coaches that have played professionally, in college, and coached at the High School level.  For many of our player's families, they did not grow up around the sport so proper instruction is paramount.  Learn the game, love the game!

#1 QUESTION:  Is my 10-11-12-13yr old too old to get started?

The MVP of Major League Lacrosse, Paul Rabil, didn't pick up a lacrosse stick until he was 13.  Athletes can get started at any age!  We have new players joining the sport in every age category.  8U is the fastest growing category, although 12 and 10U are right behind with new players.  


Games start on January 26th and ends on March 30th.

United will field teams in the following age groups:

14U – player can be no older than 14 during the season ending 3/30/2021

  • Practices and games are designed to prepare these players for High School lacrosse
  • Our former players are at Chapparel, Brophy, Notre Dame, and others
  • Multiple divisions allow players to play against like competition
  • Full field with high school level rules for play and contact

12U - player can be no older than 12 during the season ending 3/30/2021

  • Each team practice designed to improve players where they are or experienced
  • Multiple divisions for competitive and developmental players
  • Full field and 7v7 option this year. Players will play where they can develop properly
  • Some contact allowed

10U - player can be no older than 10 during the season ending 3/30/2021

  • Designed to develop new and newer player skills while they learn the game
  • 7 v 7 games with goalie
  • Competitive games with no contact
  • Small field designed for maximum touches and involvement
  • Greater experience in learning all positions on the field

          8U - player can be no older than 8 during during the season ending 3/30/2021

  • Designed to develop basic skills through fun/active drills
  • Coached by current ASU Head Coach and former Professional player
  • 4 on 4 games with no goalie.  Coaches referee.  We play all clubs that sponsor 8U teams.  
  • No contact allowed
  • Goal is to develop skills and foster a love for the sport


United Practices begin in early January, 2 times per week in the evening, typically 1.5-2 hours each


Games take place each Saturdays from January 26th through March 30th, two games per day typically

Season wraps up with the Cactus Cup championships on March 30th with the Cactus Cup here in Scottsdale!

Information about the coming season will be available in October each year: to receive these communications, sign up for our mailing list HERE.

 STEP THREE: Want to start sooner or play more??

Look for training through Arizona Outlaws, P40 Lacrosse, or watch for United clinic opportunities we will offer this FALL.  

Whether you have a kindergartner playing in his first organized sport or an eighth grader looking to take his skills in other sports to the lacrosse field, there are opportunities practically year round here in the Phoenix area. Good luck and have fun!